Kinga Janicka

Fullstack Web Developer

Hi my name is Kinga, I live in central London.

I've been been teaching myself how to write HTML, CSS and JavaScript for about a year now.

I specialize in React, JAMstack and NextJS.

My projects

Code Projects


A near infinite source of cat pictures. Takes pictures from reddit and aggregates them for a cleaner, distraction free experience.


Snake game

A basic Snake game written in C++. Failure states are biting your own tail and running into a wall. Features a eating mechaninc where after eating fruit, your snake will get longer only when it passes through all of the snake's body.


Bouncer Bot

Currently in progress. A Zoom bot that notifies room host when a person not from invite list is in the meeting. The invite list is a Google Sheets document. Intended to improve security and safety of Zoom events.

Music Projects

DIY Serge Modular

Collaborating with my brother. DIY version of a Serge Modular synthesizer using Elby PCBs, custom panels inspired by old Paperface Serge and Make Noise Black and Gold Shared System. To be sequenced and processed with Ableton with the help of Expert Sleepers ES-9 Audio Interface. Built with performing live in mind.



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